clortho - A simple key/value server

clortho is a very simple key/value server written using python 3.4 and aiohttp

key namespace is per-client IP address, and there is no authentication. It supports direct connections from clients, and the X-Forwarded-For header for use with proxies. I shouldn’t have to mention that running this on an open network isn’t a good idea.

Get a key value by requesting http://server/keystore/<key>:

curl http://server/keystore/louis

If the key has been set it will return a 200 status with the value. If the key is not set it will return a 404 and a message:

louis doesn't exist for

set a key value by POST to http://server/keystore/<key> with value=<value>

curl --http1.0 --F value=keymaster http://server/keystore/louis

If the key was set it will return a 200 and an OK message. If there was a problem it will return a 404 and ERROR as the response.

One key, version, is hard-coded. This can be used to check to see if the keyserver is running, or which API version it is using.

curl http://server/keystore/version
version: 0.1

The key store is read from the file specified by --keystore or from clortho.dat in the current directory. It is written on shutdown (SIGINT or SIGTERM). The store is simply a pickle of the keystore dict.

The IP address and port to listen to can be set with --host and --port and default to and 9001

clortho is available from this github repository .