Static git hosting with stagit

I like hosting my own services when possible. But I don’t like maintaining complex systems, so instead of setting up my own GitLab, Gitea, or Gogs service I decided to follow the same path I took with this blog and host some of my git repos as static html pages using stagit . One of the neat features of git is that you can actually clone from one of these static repos so they aren’t just html pages but are full copies of the git repo, complete with history.

Nice %changelog entries

When updating a rpm package it is nice to include a summary of the changes made since the last time. anaconda does this with a nifty script written by dcantrell called makebumpver which also enforces some RHEL rules and handles changing the version. I only needed the changelog part of this so I modified the script a bit to remove the extras: #!/usr/bin/python # # git-changelog - Output a rpm changelog # # Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Red Hat, Inc.

color output from git log -p on OSX

By default git on OSX wasn't colorizing its output. Two things needed to be setup - setting the color.ui to auto and setting the pager (less) to allow raw characters. Add this to ~/.gitconfig [color] ui = auto [core] pager = less -R Presto! Nice colorized output from git!