Moving the Blog to Hugo

This blog has been running on Pelican since 2011. I’ve been pretty happy with it, even contributing AsciiDoc support upstream. But lately I’ve been feeling like it’s time for a change. I’d heard good things about Hugo from friends, and even though my first attempts with it were frustrating (thanks to their docs pointing to content/posts/ instead of content/post/) I decided to give it another try after my attempts to add a Mastodon social icon to the mg theme for Pelican failed.

Changes to the Webpage and Blog

As you may have noticed my webpages have changed a bit today. After about 6 years I decided it was time to revamp things a bit. The old site was all written in plain html with an attempt at reference link usage. I decided to rewrite in Restructured Text using Python and some kind of template language. I decided to do some searching before writing my own and found the Pelican project which fit what I wanted to do perfectly.