Streaming Video

Switching To Using roPosterScreen for HMS

Switching To Using roPosterScreen for HMS

After almost 9 years of using my Home Media Server project I have accumulated over 2500 individual videos. HMS is written in BrightScript, and runs on the Roku Players and TVs. When I originally wrote HMS I only had a few hundred videos, so loading times were short. On my older players it can now take several minutes before the user interface is ready to use. This can cause family members to randomly say things like “This is too slow” and “When are you going to fix it?

Movie Box - Offline Movie Server for Roku

Stream movies from a Raspberry Pi without using a network connection. Useful during power outages, hiking in remote locations (with a HMDI monitor strapped to your pack, or locations with restricted or no available network. This combines my HMS and Clortho projects with a simple installation script to setup an old Pi I have laying around so that it will stream movies from a USB drive directly to the Roku.

Streaming Local Video With Your Roku

Ever since I switched from Dish Network to a Roku player a few months ago I have had a couple of things I wanted my player to be able to do. The ability to categorize my Netflix queue is at the top of my list and it would be very cool to be able to play video from a local server. The SDK won't help me modify the Netflix application, but streaming from a local source is actually not a huge problem.