Weather TL;DR

What is it? Weather TL;DR is a simple weather forecast webapp using data from the system. This was an experiment to see if I could write a simple webapp to tell me the current weather forecast in a compact and simple page. How do you use it? Usage it pretty simple. It will ask you if it is ok to use your location data. If you don’t agree then it presents a simple form where you can manually enter a latitude and longitude in decimal form.

letterbox - SMTP to Maildir delivery agent

Letterbox is a simple Go program that accepts SMTP connections and delivers mail to a per-user maildir directory. I use it to gather reports from various services on my LAN without needing to setup postfix or some other more complex MTA. Usage of letterbox: -config string Path to configutation file (default "letterbox.toml") -host string Host IP or name to bind to -maildirs string Path to the top level of the user Maildirs (default "/var/spool/maildirs") -port int Port to bind to (default 25) The configuration file is written using TOML .

mpd-status - print song details

mpd-status is a simple Go program that queries the music player daemon and prints out the status for use with tmux . You need to have Go installed, clone the repo and run go build to create the binary. By default the output is the status (using unicode play/pause/stop characters), the artist name, and song title. Pass --volume to include the volume level from 0-100%, and --elapsed to output the elapsed time and duration, like 2m40s/3m43s.

clortho - A simple key/value server

clortho is a very simple key/value server written using python 3.4 and aiohttp key namespace is per-client IP address, and there is no authentication. It supports direct connections from clients, and the X-Forwarded-For header for use with proxies. I shouldn’t have to mention that running this on an open network isn’t a good idea. Get a key value by requesting http://server/keystore/<key>: curl http://server/keystore/louis If the key has been set it will return a 200 status with the value.
NASCAR Countdown for iPhone

NASCAR Countdown for iPhone

The NASCAR Countdown app displays a countdown to the next NASCAR race, the name of the race and the television network carrying the race. On the flip side all of the races for the season are listed, and tapping on one of them will go to the website for that track. The application now includes all of the Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series and Camping World Truck races. Requirements iPhone or iPod Release Notes v1.
ALMS Countdown for iPhone

ALMS Countdown for iPhone

The ALMS Countdown app displays a countdown to the next American Le Mans Series race, the name of the race and the television network carrying the race. On the flip side all of the races for the 2010 season are listed, and tapping on one of them will go to the website for that track. Requirements * iPhone or iPod Release Notes v1.0 Initial release Screenshots

Hygrosens Python Library

Hygrosens manufactures a number of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, light level, pressure. Their devices use a common serial data format for a wide variety of sensors, include 1-wire sensors from Dallas. This library reads the output from Hygrosens devices and passes it to a calling function as a hash. I have included an example that outputs the readings in human readable format, and another that stores the readings into a MySQL database.

NASCAR Countdown Dashboard Widget

This is a simple countdown widget for the OSX Dashboard. It is a pure javascript implementation so it will also run inside a web browser as you can see above. This widget will display the time until the next NASCAR Broadcast, the countdown takes into account your local timezone. This widget was inspired by the Sprint Cup Widget which is now outdated. I used the graphics for the Daytona countdown from NASCAR and modified it to calculate the correct time and select the next available race.
SharePics for iPhone

SharePics for iPhone

SharePics is a simple application that uses Bluetooth to share pictures between two iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd gen) devices. You can also take pictures using the app and share them immediately. There is no need for a wireless access point or even a 3G connection. You can select your pictures from the iPhone album, or take a new photo with the camera and send it to your friend.

System Health Monitoring Software

System Health Monitor for Linux is a handy Python program that will setup your system to generate RRD Graphs of network interface traffic, system load, memory usage, disk space and inode usage and graphs of the number of running processes. It features a user-friendly interactive configuration mode and auto-generated html pages. Just point your web server to the health_html directory to get an overview of the status of your machine.